Instantly Translate Your Speech with New Gadget by Logbar

A Japanese company called Logbar has developed what could be revolutionary device. ili instantly translates your speech into a foreign language, making travel to far-off lands much easier than it ever has been.

ili is an extremely simple device, which requires no WiFi or data connection. It can be worn around the neck, and it’s compact and simple design means it would be perfect for any traveller. It also houses a host of travel-specific terminology, which Logbar claims makes it more effective than Google Translate and other similar applications.

ili runs using an all-in-one processor which allows it to access it’s extensive in-device language database whilst simultaneously capturing audio data. This allows for quick and seamless translation – in only 0.2 seconds your words will be translated. It works well even in crowded places due to two-directional microphones which create a noise-cancelling effect. It also contains a smart amplifier for clearer sound, and projects it’s translation towards the listener to ensure it is heard.

Take a look at it in action:

Logbar claims ili will “change the way you travel”, and I think I believe them. Currently the device only supports 3 languages–English, Japanese and Chinese–and you can only house two of those languages on the same device. Nevertheless, the relatively affordable price-tag (approx £160 or $150) and user-friendly design means this product will be flying off the shelves.

As with all new technologies, this is really just the beginning. Logbar is releasing ili in 3 stages, each with its own language. The English Japanese and Chinese stage will be released in the US in June 2017, followed shortly in the UK. The second release will include French, Thai and Korean, and the third will introduce Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

The device is currently being aimed at travellers, however it certainly has scope for other applications — Language-learning and international businesses meetings to name a few.

I can’t really believe something like ili hasn’t been invented before! To find out more about the device, and to register for an early release sample, visit the ili website.




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